Claiming Points for your Partners Recognised Qualifications

This guidance is currently being updated to reflect new visa rules issued by New Zealand Immigration. Please contact us if you are looking for expert advice on your eligibility for a New Zealand work visa.

You may be able to claim up to 20 points for your partner’s offer of skilled employment as part of your expression of interest for the skilled migrant category resident visa.

Your partner’s offer of skilled employment or current skilled employment in New Zealand qualifies for 20 points if:

  1. the employment meets the requirements for skilled employment  and
  2. your partner is included in the application; and
  3. the partner meets the English language requirements for principal applicants and
  4. an immigration officer is satisfied that you and your partner have been living together for 12 months or more in a partnership that is genuine and stable 

Can my partners recognised qualifications count for points?

A recognised qualification held by the partner of a principal applicant qualifies for the following points:

Level on the New Zealand Qualification Framework


7 or 8


9 or 10


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Claiming Points for your Partners Recognised Qualifications

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