Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa

If you have been working in the care sector in New Zealand for at least two years, you may be able to apply for this residence visa, which is specifically aimed at the care workforce.

Who can apply for a Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa?

To be eligible for this visa, individuals must:

  • currently be working for or have a job offer from an accredited employer
    • the job must be permanent or fixed for a minimum of 12 months
    • the job must be full-time
  • have been working in the care workforce for at least 24 months, earning at least NZD $28.25/hour from 1 July 2022 and at least $27.00/hour for any qualifying employment before that date
  • have held at least one valid visa for the entirety of the 24-month qualifying period, such as:
    • a valid work visa
    • a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa
    • an Interim Visa which was given while your application for another visa was being considered
  • speak and understand English to a suitable level
  • be no more than 55 years of age
  • meet the health and good character requirements for New Zealand visas

What does a Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa offer?

Individuals who are successful in their application for this visa are permitted to:

  • live in New Zealand indefinitely
  • work anywhere in New Zealand, for any employer and in any role
  • study in New Zealand for any length f time
  • travel freely to and from New Zealand for as long as their ‘multiple entry travel conditions’ are valid
    • this travel condition is usually granted for an initial period of two years
    • after the travel condition expires, you must renew it or apply for a Permanent Resident Visa in order to leave New Zealand without your visa expiring
  • include their partner or any dependent children aged 24 or younger in their visa application

How do I apply for a Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa?

Once you have gathered your supporting information, applications for this visa can be submitted to New Zealand Immigration online.

The fee for applying for a Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa varies depending on your nationality, as well as whether you are inside or outside New Zealand when you submit your application. The cost varies from free of charge for citizens of certain countries, up to around NZD $4,890.

If you apply from within New Zealand and your current visa is expected to expire before you receive a decision on your application for this residence visa, you will typically be automatically granted an Interim Visa for six months while your application is processed.

Mohamed Anas Sirajur Raheem

BA (Political Studies), LLB (VUW)

Mohamed is an enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, specializing in immigration law.

He is a former New Zealand Immigration Officer (Visa Services) and Border Officer at Auckland International Airport. He has several years of experience working in various Government Departments in New Zealand and has also worked as a Licensed Immigration Adviser at a prominent New Zealand Immigration firm.

His areas of expertise and interest are in the fields of General Skilled Migration, Temporary Work (Long and Short Stay), Business visas, Partner, Parent and Child Visa streams.

Mohamed was inspired to pursue a career in immigration by his own migration experiences. Over the years he has assisted individuals, families, large corporations, Professional sportspeople, and Entertainers (singers, speakers, and actors) to come to New Zealand.

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